FCP, Inc. RECOGNIZES local groups of five or more members as chapters. These local groups are permitted a great deal of autonomy in directing their own operations, as long as they subscribe to the goals and stated purposes of CFCP.

The current Chapters of CFCP, Inc. are listed here in alphabetical order with a general city or area description for each of them. The abbreviation following each one helps to identify the chapter, and is used after the name of an individual. Click on the link to find out more about that particular chapter, and who to contact locally.

Alameda Island Poets [AIP]
Centered in the city of Alameda, just south of Oakland.

Poets of the Rincon [PoR]
Centered in the city and community of Santa Barbara.

Letter to the World [LtW]
A student chapter, centered in the city of Fairfield, in the north Bay area.

Poets of the San Joaquin [PSJ]
Centered in Stanislaus County, in the central valley.

Mable Mello Camino [MMC]
Centered in the northeast part of the city of Sacramento.

Poets of the Vineyard [PoV]
Centered in the city of Santa Rosa, in the Napa area.

New Helvetia [NH]
Centered in the southwest part of the city of Sacramento.

Robert Frost [RF]
Centered in the city of San Jose.

Orpheus/Apollo [AO] A merger of two long-time chapters, located in the area of Downey and Long Beach, south of Los Angeles.

Tumbleweed [Tw]
Centered in the city of West Covina, in northeast Los Angeles area.

Poets of the Fig Garden [PFG]
Centered in the city of Fresno, in the central valley.

Writers of the Saratoga Orchard [WSO]
A student chapter, centered in the city of Saratoga, in the south Bay area.

Each year, several members choose to become affilate members of a second chapter. In addition, about 35 members choose not to designate a Chapter affiliation, and are thus counted as Members at Large. And several historic chapters have been closed because their membership has fallen below the minimum number of five.

CFCP, Inc. welcomes the formation of new chapters. We have provided ideas and suggestions on starting your own Chapter in answer to the fourth question on our FAQ page.

For more information about existing chapters, or if you are interested in establishing a new chapter in your area, please contact ChapterHost@ChaparralPoets.org.

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