provided a newsletter for its membership, in order to help them stay informed of activities and events occurring within the CFCP community and the state. There are other publications, as well: each year a booklet of the winning poems from the adult contest is published, and one for the winning poems in the junior-senior contest is produced. These booklets are produced as part of the Convention and are included in the Registration Packet. They are not offered for sale to the general public.

Also, every other year, a combination Roster and By-Laws booklet is published, listing each Chapter and its current members.

From time to time, CFCP publishes special collections of prize-winning poems. These books are announced in the newsletter, and advertised in other venues, including this web site.

Beginning in February, 2003, a new title and format for the newsletter was introduced. Called the Chaparral Updrafts, it is now presented in a typical magazine-style size and layout, and continues to be published nine times a year.

You may download a PDF version of each issue here. Note that in order to read these issues, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Updrafts Archives January 2009 Updrafts
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May 2009 Updrafts
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