EMBERSHIP IN CFCP, Inc. is open to any person who supports the aims and objectives of the organization. Members are encouraged to join a chapter in their area, to foster the fellowship of poets, to encourage the development of their writing skills, and to provide a supportive environment for personal and professional growth.

Many of our local chapters hold monthly meetings and workshops, sponsor contests, and give public readings in their communities as a way of supporting the purposes of the organization. Benefits of membership include all the rights and privileges offered to any of the members. CFCP encourages members to propose ideas and activities to the state organization which will help to promote the purposes of the organization, and enhance and expand our online presence.

To join CFCP, Inc., please open, print, fill out and mail this Membership Form. Note: You must
have the free
Acrobat Reader® installed on your computer in order to open this file.

CFCP encourages the development of new chapters. Members living in an area in which no chapter exists can petition to form a new chapter with a recommended minimum of 5 Regular Members (not Affiliates); these can be drawn from the ranks of Members at Large.

We have provided ideas and suggestions on starting your own Chapter in answer to the fourth question on our FAQ page.

If you would like for state representatives to assist you in holding a Chapter Development meeting, contact ChapterDev@ChaparralPoets.org to make your request.

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