The New Helvetia chapter of CFCP, Inc., was founded in 1996 in Sacramento, California, by Joyce Odam, a well-known Sacramento poet and longtime member of Chaparral. The first meeting was held on May 12, 1996, at which time the name "New Helvetia" was adopted for the chapter on the recommendation of Laverne Frith, because of its historic significance. In the 1840's, the acreage at the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers was a Mexican land grant held by John Augustus Sutter, who named the grant New Helvetia in honor of his Swiss roots. Sacramento's "old name" still resonates in place names throughout the area, and we opted to carry it forward as our chapter name.

New Helvetia chapter sponsors a monthly workshop for about ten poets. The workshopping is rigorous and fast paced, focusing on both free verse and formal poetry. 

The workshop takes place after a short business meeting, which is held on the second Sunday of each month at 1 pm. This schedule is altered to accommodate holidays when necessary. Meetings are presently held in the home of the president, Joyce Odam.

Please address all inquiries to Carol Frith.

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