The Poets’ Corner Chapter of the California Federation of Chaparral Poets met at the McHenry Museum on Sunday, October 24, 1982, at 2:30 pm to receive its charter from state president Lloyd Stone. Lawrence Jaffa chaired the meeting. Installed as officers were Aileen Jaffa, president; Grace Lieberman, vice president; James Shuman, secretary; and Colleen Bare, treasurer.

At the invitation of state president Stone, the 35-member "Golden Age Chorus" of Lindsay enriched the program with their concert. Mr. Stone introduced the state board members who were present: B. Jo Kinnick, Grace Callahan, Edwin and Bohumila Falkowski, and Aileen Jaffa. Clare Baker of the San Pablo Chapter presented greetings, and a letter of support was read from a past state president, Scholer Bangs, congratulating the chapter for establishing itself as "the ‘poetry center’ of the San Joaquin."

Forty-one people were listed as charter members of the new chapter. Past state president Falkowski and his wife, both of the Robert Frost Chapter in San Jose, demonstrated their support by becoming affiliate members of the new chapter.

The "Poets Corner" Chapter changed its name to the "Poets of the San Joaquin" Chapter in 1984.

PSJ currently meets the third Thursday evening of each month in members' homes. Meetings include a read-around sharing of current poems, a workshop, and sometimes a special activity.

PSJ sponsors a youth contest in the spring and an adult contest in the fall. It publishes a monthly newsletter and an annual anthology of members' poetry, and has begun sponsoring a separate monthly meeting for youth in the area.

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