Members of CFCP, Inc. can choose to hold local membership with more than one chapter. This does not require a second payment of dues to CFCP, although the regulations of various local chapters vary.

There are several reasons why someone might wish to be a member of more than one chapter. Among those most frequently mentioned are:

  • to show support for a newly-forming chapter in a nearby community.
  • to be able to attend and participate in the activities of a nearby chapter, thus doubling the frequency of opportunities to engage in poetry activities and fellowship.
  • to maintain historic ties to one community or chapter after having moved to another geographic location.
Those who wish to maintain Affiliate Membership with a chapter need to clarify which is their primary chapter and which is their affiliate chapter at the time they make their dues payements.

Affiliate members cannot be counted when assessing the minimum number of members within a Chapter, which is five.

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