• Each Chapter is an autonomous club, electing its own officers and establishing its own rules (so long as they are not in conflict with the State Bylaws), providing constructive criticism, and marketing advice. State dues are paid annually to CFCP.

• Benefits of membership include subscription to the newsletter, Chaparral Updrafts (9 issues a year), free entry in the Annual Contest, reduced fees at the Annual Convention, and CFCP publications.

Membership categories include: Chapter, Member at Large, Spouse, Junior, and Affiliate, which is offered to those who wish to study with additional Chapters (i.e., “Affiliate” cannot be the only choice, and some chapters do charge a fee for membership).

• Dues are $20 per year for full membership, $10 for Spouse, and $3 for Junior (under 21). There is no fee for Affiliates. All memberships expire on December 31, and should be renewed prior to that time.

• For new members joining during the course of the year, dues will be pro-rated.

• CFCP encourages the formation of new chapters. Members living in an area in which no chapter exists can petition to form a new chapter with a minimum of 5 Regular Members (not Affiliates); these can be drawn from the ranks of Members at Large.

We have provided ideas and suggestions on starting your own Chapter in answer to the fourth question on our FAQ page.

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