The following poets have won the prizes indicated in each category. An Awards Ceremony will be held Saturday, April 26, 2014 at the Wood Colony Hall in Modesto, CA, in which all prize-winning poems will be read and prizes awarded.

Place   Poet Poem
Category 1. Theme: In a Nutshell
1st Catherine Moran Housing Crisis
Category 2. Fixed Forms
1st Joyce Odam Throwing Poems to the Morning
2nd James Shuman On the difficulty of using a Spring kigo
3rd Norma Kohout How We Communicate
HM 1 Cathy Dana Once-Green Glossy Leaf
HM 2 Darlene Gossett Snowfall at Midnight
HM 3 Catherine Moran Pagan Kite Flying
Category 3. Short Poem
1st Ellaraine Lockie 8 P.M. on the Plains
2nd Bill Latimer Pelican
3rd Claire J. Baker Cosimo and Bianca
HM 1 Allegra Silberstein

Camel Rock

HM 2 Cleo Griffith The Saturday Auction that Happens Whenever
HM 3 Ed Bearden Moments
Category 4. Any Subject, Any Style
1st Mary Rudge Butterfly Poem
2nd Lynn M. Hanson Death Valley Celebration
3rd Carol Frith Measuring the Salmon-Colored Light
HM 1 Ellaraine Lockie All that Glitters Is Not
HM 2 Jennifer Fenn The Last Two Pennies
HM 3 Alice Kight September Tapestry, 1944
Catergory 5. Light or Humorous Poem
1st Evelyn Stecher Games
2nd Ellaraine Lockie Role Reversal
3rd Raven Sisco The Taxi
HM 1 Norma Kohout Imagine, Dear Grandchildren
HM 2 Louise Kantro The Test
HM 3 Elda Lepak Breakfast Is Served
Category 6. Nature
1st Darlene Gossett Winter Is Coming
2nd Elda Lepak Storms Surround Us
3rd Joyce Odam This House
HM 1 Nanette Deetz Crow Dance
HM 2 Nancy Haskett At the Edge
HM 3 Norma Green An Autumn Afternoon in the Park
Category 7. Science and Technology
1st Bill Latimer Dragonflies
2nd Neal Whitman All the Way Down
3rd James Shuman The Car Wash
HM 1 Norma Kohout In the Slow Lane, the Stone
HM 2 Cleo Griffith Symmetrophobia Says It All
HM 3 Evelyn Stecher Open and Save
Category 8. California
1st Nancy Haskett The Remains
2nd Allegra Silberstein At Yosemite Falls
3rd Elizabeth Paláez Norris Autumn in California
HM 1 Claire J. Baker Yosemite Firefalls
HM 2 Cleo Griffith Dazzled
HM 3 James Shuman Heat Wave
Category 9. Lois Jeannette Dalton Memorial Award: any aspect of Humanity
1st Cathy Dana The Secret of Life: dedicated to poet Denise Levertov
2nd Roberta Bearden Lightning
3rd Lynn M. Hanson Card Game
HM 1 Norma Kohout The Bedstead in the Second-Hand Store
HM 2 William Preston Old Folks on the Winter Beach
HM 3 Allegra Silberstein In Their Shoes
Category 10. Roscoe Fortson Memorial Award: Looking Backward
1st Evelyn Stecher Teacher
2nd Carol Frith Visiting My Uncle's Farm in the Salt River Valley
3rd Elda Lepak Would I Be the Me I Am
HM 1 Ellaraine Lockie Run-On Sentences
HM 2 Ed Bearden Death
HM 3 Cathy Dana The Girl in the Mirror
Category 11. Pegasus Buchanan Memorial Award: any subject Rhymed & Metered
1st Catherine Moran Breaking rules
2nd Selma Calnan Granny and Green Wood
3rd Cleo Griffith Radiant Orchid
HM 1 Allegra Silberstein In the hollow
HM 2 Laverne Frith The Fabric of Poverty
HM 3 Evelyn Stecher Scriptural Puzzle
Category 12. Executive Board: Jumping Ship
1st Linda Marie Prather The First Time
2nd Catherine Moran Going Overboard
3rd Cleo Griffith The Lightest Feather

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