The following poets have won the prizes indicated in each category. An Awards Ceremony will be held Sunday, May 1, 2011 at the Hawthorn Suites Hotel in Sacramento, CA, in which all poems will be read and prizes awarded.

Place   Poet Poem
Category 1. Theme: Masks and Mazes
1st William Preston Hallway
Category 2. Fixed Forms
1st Stephen Thomas Morning Carpool
2nd Ed Bearden Faded Love
3rd Jeanne Lupton Fat Lady Sonnet
HM 1 Catherine Moran Donating Blood
HM 2 Norberta Fullen Shot Through the Heart
HM 3 Bill Latimer Robert Bunsen
HM 4 William Preston Sweeper
HM 5 Susan Beem In Flagrant Delicato
Category 3. Short Poem
1st Nora Radaikin Beside the Cactus
2nd Stephen Thomas Just forgotten:
3rd Bruce Crawford Holding a Cup
HM 1 Evelyn Stecher

Please Let It Breathee, First

HM 2 Jeanne Lupton Power
HM 3 Timothy Russell Trompe L'Oeil
HM 4 Frances Yordan The Dream
HM 5 Margaret Ellis Hill Cranes Flying at Sunset
Category 4. Any Subject, Any Style
1st Carol Louise Moon Shells of Pink and Beige
2nd Nancee Kinkaid Maya Herasto says
3rd Susan Beem Questions to a Dead Philosopher
HM 1 Jeanne Lupton Sam
HM 2 Mary Rudge Beach Scene
HM 3 Donna Honeycutt Picking Over the Pintos
HM 4 Patricia Nichol Greater Love
HM 5 Selma Calnan Candles and Candlesticks
Catergory 5. Light or Humorous Poem
1st Don Feliz Yard of Tools
2nd William Preston A Fundamental Rule for Composing Poems Meant to Amuse Rather Than Edify
3rd Selma Calnan The Romeo of the Senior Center
HM 1 Lee Collins Those Gardens I Love
HM 2 Lynn M. Hansen When All Else Fails
HM 3 Nora Radaikin It Is Difficult
Category 6. Nature
1st Catherine Moran Nothing can hide in winter
2nd Claire Baker When Loss Exceeds Mystery
3rd Katy Brown Out of their purple throats,
HM 1 William Preston Birdsong in January
HM 2 Carol Louise Moon Crocodilian Vision
HM 3 Susan Beem On Old Route 66 — Twenty Miles East of Oatman
HM 4 Cleo Griffith This Marvelous Quilt
Category 7. Science and Technology
1st Katy Brown The Nature of Matter and Space
2nd Ed Bearden Light
3rd Susan Beem On Stopping an Asteroid
HM 1 William Preston Cochlear Implant
HM 2 Don Feliz Titanoboa
HM 3 Margaret Ellis Hill Climbing In and Out of Sleep
HM 4 Claire Baker A Launching of Poets
HM 3 Selma Calnan Seasonings and Inconstant Comments
Category 8. California
1st Lynn M. Hansen Okie Poet of Tulare
2nd Margaret Ellis Hill The Truckee River
3rd Joyce Odam The Ventura Nuns
HM 1 Mary Rudge For an Assyrian Friend (on not losing language)
HM 2 Katy Brown Pale shades of old cream,
HM 3 Linda Marie Prather Aptos, March Eleventh
HM 4 James Shuman Gone
HM 5 Nancee Kinkaid Maya Path of the Padres
Category 9. Friendship
1st Joyce Odam Heart to Heart
2nd Elizabeth Coard Cold Porridge
3rd Linda Marie Prather Poets and Friends
HM 1 Donna Honeycutt I Wish
HM 2 Don Feliz Pain's Message
HM 3 Selma Calnan Friends
HM 4 Katy Brown For Emily
HM 5 William Preston Friend
Category 10. Lois Jeannette Dalton Memorial Award: any aspect of Humanity
1st Joyce Odam Whale
2nd Mary Rudge Survival of Frida Kahlo
3rd Richard Angilly Poets' Park
HM 1 James Shuman Flower Gatherer
HM 2 Linda Marie Prather Two Roses
HM 3 Jeanne Lupton Surrender
HM 4 Catherine Moran Your children leave
HM 5 Bruce Crawford Sokkuram Grotto, S. Korea
Category 11. Roscoe Fortson Memorial Award: Looking Backward
1st Ed Bearden A Christmas Moon
2nd Betty Temple Seamstress
3rd W. Shirley Nunes I Heard Not Words But Love
HM 1 Lynn M. Hansen Class
HM 2 Katy Brown I Knew Grass
HM 3 Carol Louise Moon There I Went, Afar Off
HM 4 Norma Kohout Dad Was Different
Category 12. Pegasus Buchanan Memorial Award: any subject Rhymed & Metered
1st Ed Bearden Attraction/Subtraction
2nd William Preston Skydance
3rd Evelyn Stecher Homily
HM 1 W. Shirley Nunes Year's End
HM 2 Jeanne Lupton Nothin' but the Blues
HM 3 Carol Louise Moon Hometown Cemetery
HM 4 Katherine Wilson A Future Reminiscence
HM 5 Norberta Fullen I'll Never Forget
Category 13. Executive Board: Jumping Ship
1st Elizabeth Coard Volzenwoorden
2nd James Shuman The Gate Post
3rd Bill Rowen David Jackson's Last Night in the Alley

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