The following poets have won the prizes indicated in each category. An Awards Ceremony will be held Sunday, April 25, 2010 at the Marriott Ontario Airport Hotel in Ontario, CA, in which all poems will be read and prizes awarded.

Place   Poet Poem
Category 1. Theme: Hope
1st Joyce Odam The Mutating Self
Category 2. Fixed Forms
1st Stephen Thomas Del Puerto Canyon, Spring 2001
2nd Selma D. Calnan Swedish Pearl
3rd William Preston Saloon Singer
HM 1 James Shuman On the difficulty of using a Spring Kigo
HM 2 Katharine Wilson Paper Dragon
HM 3 debee loyd being bohemian
HM 4 Joyce Odam Testing Her Wings
HM 5 Helen Graziano Italian Tryst — The Letter "A"
Category 3. Short Poem
1st Ed Bearden Well,
2nd Betty Temple Door
3rd Katy Brown The way she unwraps the morning:
HM 1 Elaine Lazzeroni

Van Gogh's Potato Eaters

HM 2 Meghan Pence Farewell
HM 3 Susan Beem Falling into Grace
HM 4 Allegra Silberstein Quietly I come to this day
HM 5 Norma Kohout No Toys, No Gingerbread Men
Category 4. Any Subject, Any Style
1st David Anderson Aftermath
2nd Joyce Odam Homilies
3rd Elsie Whitlow Feliz The Universe Never Rests
HM 1 Cleo Griffith What They Came For
HM 2 Donna Honeycutt Lingering Love
HM 3 Linda Marie Prather Night Walk
HM 4 Katy Brown Of Cherries and Shadows
HM 5 Patricia L. Nichol Full Circle
Catergory 5. Light or Humorous Poem
1st Claire J. Baker Contemplating the Navel
2nd Joyce Elaine Wheeler, Ed.D. A Risk Free Confession
3rd Elaine Lazzeroni The Dinner Party
HM 1 Lee Collins Airport Maze
HM 2 Donna Honeycutt After Reading Rumi (the 13th Century Poet)
Category 6. Nature
1st Norma King Green untitled haiku
2nd Betty Temple Ojito
3rd Don Feliz Elk River Spring
HM 1 Carol Louise Moon The Repose of June
HM 2 Stephen Thomas Beach Comber
HM 3 Nancee Kinkaid Maya Caswell September Sundown
HM 4 William Preston Wild Canterbury Bells at Morongo Valley
HM 5 Donna Honeycutt Fitting Because It Was Viet Nam
Category 7. Science and Technology
1st Allegra Silberstein Within the Words
2nd Cleo Griffith Eating an Apple after Eve
3rd M. Elizabeth Coard Knasas
HM 1 Susan Beem Pavlov's Dog: Take 2
HM 2 Elaine Lazzeroni Earthling
HM 3 Norma Kohout The Mechanical Monster at Martinez
Category 8. California
1st Ed Bearden Wetback
2nd Helen Graziano View from the Wild
3rd Nancee Kinkaid Maya 7th Street Flea Market
HM 1 Katy Brown Snow Geese in the Yolo Bypass
HM 2 Elaine Lazzeroni California native
HM 3 William Preston Marking Time: Dawn Off San Diego
HM 4 Lynn M. Hansen Walk to Wapama Falls
HM 5 Lee Collins An Off Ramp to Freedom, California
Category 9. Friendship
1st Linda Marie Prather Yak, Yak
2nd James Shuman The Carving
3rd Elsie Whitlow Feliz Friends in the Garden
HM 1 Evelyn E. Stecher Old Days
HM 2 Norma Kohout Reminiscing in Candlelight
Category 10. Lois Jeannette Dalton Memorial Award: any aspect of Humanity
1st Steve McCord Tangled Tails
2nd Cathy Dana When My Soul Begins to Sing . . .
3rd Mary Rudge The Wednesday After Tuesday
HM 1 Katy Brown Endings and the Promise of Endings
HM 2 Roberta Bearden The Plain Man
HM 3 Evelyn E. Stecher A Moment in Time
HM 4 Roslyn Farkas A Poem for a Quadriplegic
HM 5 Linda Marie Prather You Call This Natural?
Category 11. Roscoe Fortson Memorial Award: Looking Backward
1st Carol Louise Moon Ghazals in Small Spaces
2nd Nancee Kinkaid Maya Secret Six
3rd Ed Bearden The Contestant
HM 1 Allegra Silberstein On a farm long ago . . .
HM 2 Norberta E. Fullen Five Foot Eleven and a Half
HM 3 Lynn M. Hansen I Speak for the Dead
HM 4 Judith Lyn Sutton Bygone Ways
HM 5 Alice Liu Peas and Carrots
Category 12. Pegasus Buchanan Memorial Award: any subject Rhymed & Metered
1st William Preston Port-au-Prince
2nd Elaine Lazzeroni The Healer (for Roscoe Fortson)
3rd Elsie Whitlow Feliz Chalk Marks the Spot
HM 1 Frances K. Neves What Is a Shoe?
HM 2 Claire J. Baker Learning the Music
HM 3 Carol Louise Moon Sonetella for a Fly
HM 4 Cleo Griffith Needing to Breathe
HM 5 Evelyn E. Stecher The Reluctant Apprentice
Category 13. Executive Board: Jumping Ship
1st Cleo Griffith With Arms Full of Sun
2nd William Preston Reverie
3rd Stephen Thomas Leap of Faith

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posted 4:30 pm 3/29/10