The following poets have won the prizes indicated in each category. An Awards Ceremony will be held Sunday, May 3, 2009 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Modesto, beginning at 5:00 pm, in which all poems will be read and prizes awarded.

Place   Poet Poem
Category 1. Theme: Hope
1st Carol Frith Octave for the Altar of St. Anne: Crisis of Hope
Category 2. Fixed Forms
1st William Preston Full Moon in High Summer
2nd Joyce Odam A Break in the Weather
3rd Norma M. Kohout The Least of Those Remaining
HM 1 Lee Collins Haunted Farmhouse Sonnet
HM 2 Margaret Ellis Hill Ghazal to a Young Girl
HM 3 Selma Calnan Mrs. Van Wrinkle’s Dorsima
HM 4 Laverne Frith two poets
HM 5 Linda Marie Prather Reflection Poem
Category 3. Short Poem
1st Ashley Klopstock Desert Storm
2nd Ed Bearden Just Think
3rd Deborah P Kolodji Warming
HM 1 Allegra Jostad Silberstein

I too fly

HM 2 Athena Mercado Eyes Wide Shut
HM 3 Tom Myers Maple Leaves
HM 4 Norma M. Kohout Collecting Light
HM 5 Katy Brown Winter Shroud
Category 4. Any Subject, Any Style
1st Catherine Moran Meeting my mother
2nd James Shuman The apricot is not a peach
3rd Carol Frith Watermarks – Walkers
HM 1 Katy Brown Reflections in a Cathedral Storeroom
HM 2 Lynn M. Hansen Gas Money
Catergory 5. Light or Humorous Poem
1st Joyce Odam Dated
2nd Gordon Preston Home
3rd Elizabeth Provost Surprise Romance
HM 1 Elsie Whitlow Feliz Hot Afternoon in the Glen
HM 2 Norma M. Kohout Standout at the Checkstand
HM 3 Laverne Frith Poetry Dog
HM 4 Katy Brown Keep Away
Category 6. Nature
1st Laverne Frith Seizing an Early Summer Day
2nd Roberta Bearden Fog
3rd Tom Myers Tundra
HM 1 Evelyn Stecher Hillside in Tuscany
HM 2 Amy A. Whitcomb Consumere, to take in or up
HM 3 Cleo Griffith Eager Poppy, Heart-of-Fire Orange
HM 4 Joyce Odam Thinking of the Sea
HM 5 Nora Radaikin After the Storm Passes
Category 7. Science and Technology
1st Stephen Sadler Weierstrass’s Grave
2nd Carol Frith Technology of Applied Logic
3rd Laverne Frith The Cosmic Imagination
HM 1 James Shuman Arrowheads
HM 2 Claire J. Baker Astronomy with Teresa
HM 3 Don Feliz Wire Coat Hangers
HM 4 Nora Radaikin Aether-Void
HM 5 Deborah P Kolodji galaxies collide
Category 8. California
1st debee loyd keyes, california, 1951
2nd Angeline Todd Unenthusiastically Home
3rd Amy A. Whitcomb California Slurry Song
HM 1 Katy Brown Wild Sunflowers
HM 2 Claire J. Baker Mother Lode Haiku
HM 3 Gordon Preston The Nude Descending the California Coast
Category 9. Friendship
1st Linda Marie Prather I Called
2nd Katy Brown Interspecies
3rd Carol Frith Long Weather – Song for a Lost Friend
HM 1 Ronnie Holland Breaths
HM 2 Steve McCord Dharma Arrives
HM 3 Jacqueline Lunianski First Love
HM 4 Laverne Frith My Friend and I: Scrapbook Allies
HM 5 Lee Collins Wind Chime Harmony
Category 10. Lois Jeannette Dalton Memorial Award: any aspect of Humanity
1st Catherine Moran A review of the situation
2nd Carol Frith Driving Past Shiprock at Midnight
3rd Nancee Kinkaid Maya Bearing Gifts
HM 1 Joyce Odam Cognizant
HM 2 Margaret Ellis Hill My Sister, the Actress
HM 3 Meghan Pence Evaporation
HM 4 Lynn M. Hansen Baby’s Breath (for Jeff)
HM 5 Katy Brown Whispered Name
Category 11. Roscoe Fortson Memorial Award: Looking Backward
1st Joyce Odam Tercets
2nd Allegra Jostad Silberstein Long ago I by way of kingdoms
3rd Tom Myers Barn Doors
HM 1 Laverne Frith Mother, the Day Long
HM 2 Elizabeth A. Bernstein Preemie
HM 3 David Milnor San Francisco, Depression Years
HM 4 Kenneth Peterson Lillian
HM 5 Linda Marie Prather Some Things Stay the Same
Category 12. Pegasus Buchanan Memorial Award: any subject Rhymed & Metered
1st Norberta E. Fullen Mind over Mitty
2nd Susan S. Thomas The river is
3rd Norma M. Kohout So Why Regret?
HM 1 Evelyn Stecher Fighting Genes
HM 2 Carol Frith Elise at Ninety Wearing a Mauve Cape
HM 3 Lee Collins Shadow Man Sonnet
HM 4 William Preston Christmastime in the Country
HM 5 Sherry Weaver Smith Red Boat
Category 13. Executive Board: Jumping Ship
1st Norberta E. Fullen Dancing Girls
2nd Cleo Griffith I Have Been Too Long
3rd James Gibson Follower

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posted 12:30 am 4/3/09