Glossary of Poetic Terms from BOB'S BYWAY
This is the most comprehensive listing of poetic devices we have found. Many unusual and obscure terms are included here. Most of the examples include a few lines from a poem, or a link to an entire poem, making it easier to understand the explanation.

Outta Ray's Head Poetry Lessons

Spotlight Poetry Unit

The Academy of American Poets

Poets & Writers, Inc.

The Poetry Society of America

The Poetry Center

National Federation of State Poetry Societies

The Critical Poet — Interactive poetry site

Welcome to Poets House

Poetry contest, poetry contests for kids

Haiku Society of America

The Marin Poetry Center

Poetry in the Arts

About Poetry — Poets in the News

Poetry Daily News, Reviews, and Special Features

Poetix Front Page

Toppest Poetry News and Directory of Websites

Poets Laureate of the U.S.A.

Tips for Teaching Poetry
also: /plugs2/, /plugs3/, /plugs4/, /plugs5/

Project #37: Poetry

Literary Terms

virtuaLit: Elements of Poetry

Poetry Writing

Poetic devices

Poetic Devices


St. Ignatius College Preparatory - Poetic Devices

Poetry Unit Overview

Read Write Think: Lesson Plan: Diamante Poetry and Martin Luther King the poetry lesson

Poetic Sense: Sound & Imagery

Lesson Exchange: Poetry Presentation

Play With Language — About Creative Writing

What's a Rhyme — and What Isn't?

Poetic Expressions: A Freshmen English Poetry Unit
There are over 100 separate html postings at "messages" — many of them are good lessons, but others are just "chat" between one of the Poets in the Schools and some students.

Poetry Box Rules

ReadWriteThink: Lesson Plan

Poetic Devices

Rock Poetry


Double Rhyme

Triple Rhyme

What's a Rhyme — and What Isn't?

Writing Poetry: A Beginner’s Guide, Part 1: Introduction

Writing Poetry: A Beginner’s Guide, Part 5: Rhythm

Definition of Rhyme

Guide to Verse Forms — Rhyme

RhymeZone Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus

Rhyming Dictionary Software for You

An Introduction to Poetry Rhythm and Rhythmic Analysis

Rhythm 2

Rhythm and Stress

Poetry Writing Tips

Poetry Imagery

Poets Define the Art of Poetry

Reading Poetry

The Craft of Poetry — Imagery

The Forms of Poetry

The Craft of Poetry — Sound

Revisiting Theme, Ambiguity, Irony, Symbol, and Paradox in Poetry

How to understand imagery in poetry

imagery and metaphors in poetry

How to Understand Imagery in Poetry — Read Print

virtuaLit: Elements of Poetry

Excerpts from Many Worlds of Poetry

Online Poetry Classroom

The Worst Poetry Contests of the on-line poet

Poetry Websites

Some good Poetry sites in 1998

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